Belt Sytem / Cordões

Capoeira Mandinga uses cords (cordões) as a ranking system. These cords are awarded at the Annual Capoeira Convention and Graduation known as a Batizado. Before the event, the Capoeira Master determines what students will move up in rank, based on skill, experience, and dedication. Batizado, meaning baptism in Portuguese, is the ceremony in which students are awarded their first cord. Although, it is not religious, it is symbolic of the beginning of a student’s journey into Capoeira. In subsequent years, students advance to the next level in the Troca de Cordões (Change of Cords).

Capoeira Mandinga cords are the colors of the Brazilian flag. Green is the first cord, followed by combinations of yellow, then blue and ultimately white. Cords with color combinations have one that dominates over the other. Basic levels are as follows, yet color combinations may vary.





Contra Mestre



1º grau

Mestre de Primeira Grau (First degree master)
Level IX,Cordão Verde/Branco approximately 10 to 15 years in capoeira

2º grau

Mestre de Segunda Grua (Second degree master)
Level X,Cordão Amarelo/Branco approximately 15 to 20 years in capoeira

3º grau

Mestre de Terceira Grua (Third degree master)
Level XI,Cordão Azul/Branco approximately 20 to 30 years in capoeira 

Grão Mestre

Mestre (also called Grão Mestre – Mestrissimo – Mestre Cordão Branco)
Level XII, Cordão Branco more than 30 years in capoeira 
It grants the Capoerista the maximum respect and admiration in the world of CAPOEIRA.

Cordão System : Mestres

Mestre is a traditional and valued title attributed to some capoeira teachers.
To become a mestre, the capoeirista must have a long career teaching capoeira and satisfy the following requirements:

– Must be indicated to the title by a recognized and well known teacher.
– Must be recognized by an official confederation of capoeira in Brazil such as the Confederação Brasileira de Capoeira.
– More than anything else, must have the popular recognition as a mestre and unanimous acceptance as such by the traditional masters of the art.

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